It may sometimes be necessary to know which version of Ubuntu you are using. So how to check the version of ubuntu? we will give you 3 terminal commands. In fact, the basis of these commands are the same. You can use all three commands to which version of Ubuntu you are using

Start a terminal window in ubuntu

We’ll give you a few ways to open a terminal in Ubuntu, just choose the one that looks easiest to you.

There are several ways and methods to open a terminal in Ubuntu, but the simplest method is  “click” on applications-> accessories-> Terminal.

Another method would be to use the Ctrl + Alt + T key combination

How to check the version of ubuntu

After the terminal window opens, type the following command.

lsb_release -r

Alternatively, you can use the following command.

cat /etc/issue

Finally, we can view the data in /etc/lsb-release for getting the version information. We can use the cat command to do this. This command will give us more details

cat /etc/lsb-release

Finally this, how to check the version of ubuntu article, provides 3 different methods to find out which version of the Ubuntu operating system in use. You can access the version information by using whatever you want. But I want to emphasize that the most memorable of these is the command “lsb_release-r”. But whichever one you keep in mind, it’s up to you to use


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