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Bluetooth problem huawei mate 20 pro, what to do?

Between Wi-Fi, data connections, Bluetooth, USB connection, our mobile phones are increasingly equipped with connectors. However, it is possible that you encounter problems. And if you want to listen to music through a connected speaker or transfer files wirelessly, experience this Bluetooth issues on your HUAWEI P20 Pro, you’re on the right article. To tell the truth, through this article we will make sure that you find the various solutions to this inconvenience. First, we’ll show you the various Bluetooth issues you may face, and second, all the solutions available.

The various Bluetooth issues with HUAWEI P20 Pro

I can’t pair my Bluetooth speaker or headphones with my HUAWEI P20 Pro

First, we see the most classic case where you can’t connect a Bluetooth device to your HUAWEI P20 Pro. This is a fairly common case to tell the truth, although the Bluetooth technology is quite simple, it is possible that the mapping between two devices is not so simple. These are the two main cases in which you may find yourself ::


I see the Bluetooth device when searching with my HUAWEI P20 Pro, but can’t pair the two devices: this is the most common and annoying case. It is very frustrating to see that the device appears in the list of available devices and cannot validate the coupling. This is often due to concerns about the software version or improper handling. We’ll show you how to solve it in the next section.
I don’t see the Bluetooth device I want to connect to when I search for available devices on my HUAWEI P20 Pro: this Problem also occurs frequently. It is particularly frustrating when you feel you are following the instructions correctly and that it is not working, especially if you had planned to listen to sound through a connected speaker or through your Bluetooth headphones…

I have managed to pair my devices, but the sound is not transmitted on the Bluetooth device connected to my HUAWEI P20 Pro or is of poor quality

In this Situation, this is “less” problematic, since you have done the first large part of the work of coupling the devices. Regardless of whether you have poor sound quality, skip the sound or have no sound at all, the same Problem causes this phenomenon. It is the quality of the signal that is the reason for these symptoms. Bluetooth is a powerful wireless technology that, however, has a relatively short range, about 10 meters without obstacles. Depending on the quality of the Chips in the devices and the environment in which you use them, it can greatly decrease.

How do I solve a Bluetooth Problem on HUAWEI P20 Pro?

We now come to the part that certainly concerns you, namely how do I solve a Bluetooth Problem on HUAWEI P20 Pro?

Improve the quality and stability of the Bluetooth connection of my HUAWEI P20 Pro

In this particular case, the only solution is to bring the transmitter and receiver closer. In the case of a connected speaker, try to leave your phone nearby. For example, if you are using headphones for running, position the phone on the same side as the headphones equipped with the Bluetooth Chip. Try to find the ideal Position.

Connect to a Bluetooth device that is not in the list of devices available on my HUAWEI P20 Pro or that I cannot connect to

It is conceivable that your devices are not “ready” for connection. On your HUAWEI P20 Pro page, make sure it is not in power saving mode. If you want it connect your HUAWEI P20 Pro to your Computer but you don’t know how to do it. Do not hesitate to read our article on this point.

On the side of your Bluetooth device, it is often more complex to check the Status, to be honest, that few Bluetooth devices benefit from a control screen. Note that you followed the correct Manipulation to activate Bluetooth, and that you then pressed the Pairing button long enough to activate the search (about 7 seconds).
You can also turn off Bluetooth on both devices before turning it back on to try again
Restart both devices
Enable “phone visibility”: nothing could be easier to do this. Go to “Settings”, “Connections” and enable “phone visibility” so that the device is visible to other devices
Updating Android can also improve the Bluetooth performance of your HUAWEI P20 Pro

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