what is apple lightning connector

The Lightning connector is a connector designed specifically for Apple devices. This is available since 2012 for different iPhones, iPads and iPods. So read this article called, what is apple lightning...

What is new with AMD Precision Boost Overdrive 2

We are looking closely at Precision Boost Overdrive 2 technology, which can deliver performance improvements with a single setting, gain different features and update.   AMD offered one-click overclocking for Ryzen processors with...

mac does not see external drive

An external hard drive is indispensable for most people. Therefore, it is annoying if your mac does not see external drive. Fortunately, the Problem can often be solved by a few...

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 8cx accelerated version

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 8cx Gen2, a slightly accelerated Version of the Snapdragon 8cx. The system-on-a-Chip is intended for Laptops with Windows 10 on ARM, whereby Qualcomm already at the...

how to connect three monitors to a pc

In this article, i will tell you, how to connect three monitors to a pc. Most computers allow you to use multiple monitors. Nowadays it is usually no Problem to connect...

Windows 10 camera not working

Your webcam may not deal with Windows 10 for a few reasons. The standard investigating steps apply, however Windows 10 has another framework wide choice that totally impairs your webcam in...

how to format drive on macos

There are many reasons to format a hard drive: you want to delete all your data and settings on the device because you want to sell it or you have Software-related...

Buy graphics card: different manufacturers, what are the differences?

Same graphics card can provide a completely different performance at different manufacturers. Are you currently building a Gaming PC? Are you upgrading an aging machine for current games? Sooner or later...

which generation is my cpu

If your device no longer delivers the technical performance you want, then you don't necessarily have to invest in a new one. A good solution can be to optimize the processor...

How to enable all cpu cores in windows 10

The evolution of Central Processing Units, or CPUs, is an interesting and complex issue to work on. Since the introduction of the Intel 4004 in 1971, the Intel 10. Up to...

How to connect a ps4 controller to windows 10 bluetooth

Below is your guide on How to connect a ps4 controller to windows 10 bluetooth, and make it fun and genuine for your gaming...

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