How to factory reset redmi phone

How to factory reset redmi phone If your redmi smartphone it works very slow, you'll do a factory reset in order that it returns to be just like the first day. In the following steps we explain the way to format...

SD card problem with HUAWEI P40

The SD card is the second storage for the HUAWEI P40. Thanks to the SD card, it is possible to increase the storage space of your phone. However, it sometimes happens...

Camera error xiaomi redmi note 7

With the technological advances of recent years, we are using less and less our digital or SLR cameras. In fact, the latest generations of Smartphones are equipped with cameras that allow...

Xiaomi mi 9 microphone not working

If you call someone every time who tells you that he does not hear you well. Or when he hears crackling noises during their discussion. All of this sounds like symptoms...

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Between Wi-Fi, data connections, Bluetooth, USB connection, our mobile phones are increasingly equipped with connectors. However, it is possible that you encounter problems. And if you want to listen to music...

The best Redmi: Xiaomi Redmi 9A vs Redmi 9C vs Redmi 9

If you are looking for an affordable entry-level Smartphone at Xiaomi, you will find it three times with Redmi 9A, Redmi 9C and Redmi 9. We explain the differences. There are three...

Huawei P40 Lite 5G Review: great camera and 5G support

Larger Display, faster processor and other camera-apart from the 5G wireless standard, these are the biggest differences from the P40 Lite. Is that enough against the competition even without Google services? The...

which antivirus is the best for android phone

In addition to iOS, the Android operating system is the most popular Software for mobile devices. As with computers, Smartphones are not protected from malware from the Internet. For this reason,...

does android have a firewall

A Firewall should control all incoming connection requests and block untrusted requests. This protects your device from Malware. This is also important on smartphones, as many users store sensitive data here...

which browser is best for android tablet

To access a website, a Browser must be used. Almost all Tablets already have a Browser preinstalled. Depending on the operating system, this may differ. As a user, however, you are...

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Below is your guide on How to connect a ps4 controller to windows 10 bluetooth, and make it fun and genuine for your gaming...

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