how to setup wifi hotspot on windows 10

Using a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can share your computer's internet connection with other devices. Before that, however, the correct setup of the hotspot is necessary via the Windows settings or via...

Automatically delete chrome history on exit

Unlike Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome does not offer a built-in way to Automatically delete chrome history on exit when you close the Browser. However, you have the Option to add the...

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Update to windows 10 for free from windows 7

Windows 10’s loose improve provide is over, consistent with Microsoft. But this isn’t absolutely true. There are a group of approaches you may nonetheless improve to Windows 10 free of charge and...

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The temperature of the CPU/GPU depends upon the applications or programs that run in its system. If your device’s compatibility isn't high, then your system may face an overheating issue. this...

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Like the previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 also has the command prompt. From the command prompt you can control your System with CMD commands. Some of the commands requires administrator...

Ubuntu how to configure a firewall

In this article we will guide you through the steps to install and set up a Firewall on Ubuntu with UFW. By default, Ubuntu has a built – in Firewall: UFW, which...

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The TrustedInstaller is a Windows service that loads and manages installation modules.  The service also prevents that files on the computer can be changed without consent. Sometimes this also blocks intentional...

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Below is your guide on How to connect a ps4 controller to windows 10 bluetooth, and make it fun and genuine for your gaming...

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