Photoshop alternative for ubuntu

Photoshop alternative for ubuntu Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software since it was released by Adobe in 1990. It has thousands of features and is the most used software by...

Take screenshot on mac

On Windows PCs and Notebooks, a tap on the "print" button is enough and a photo of the screen content is already in the clipboard. But how does that actually work...

Remove corrupted file linux

If you encounter a file or folder that cannot be deleted on the Linux operating system, or if you receive Permission Denied error when you try to delete the file, just...

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It may sometimes be necessary to know which version of Ubuntu you are using. So how to check the version of ubuntu? we will give you 3 terminal commands. In fact,...

How to install gimp on windows

In this article i will show you How to install GIMP on Windows. GIMP allows you to crop, retouch, or modify your photos. However, before using the free image editing program,...

Windows 10 wlan doesn’t work

If the WLAN does not work on your Windows 10 PC, this does not necessarily have to be due to a defect. Often the cause of the WLAN problems is due...

How to repair grub on ubuntu

Due to various factors, the bootloader GRUB for Ubuntu may get corrupted. We'll show you how to repair ubuntu grub GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader) can be used to boot the operating system...

Linux: automate tasks with Cron

Cron is a service that can be used to automate tasks under Linux. Here we explain step by step how to set up a cronjob under Linux. The Cron service is active...

how to run command prompt on windows 10

Like the previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 also has the command prompt. From the command prompt you can control your System with CMD commands. Some of the commands requires administrator...

Linux Mint: accessing other network shares

Within the home network, you can access the shared folders of other computers from the Linux Mint PC. Here you will find a simple guide. Once the Linux Mint machine is integrated...

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SSD storage units are no longer considered luxury hardware in this days. Most users want make sure that the computer has SSD storage when...

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