Automatically delete chrome history on exit

Unlike Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome does not offer a built-in way to Automatically delete chrome history on exit when you close the Browser. However, you have the Option to add the...

How to repair grub on ubuntu

Due to various factors, the bootloader GRUB for Ubuntu may get corrupted. We'll show you how to repair ubuntu grub GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader) can be used to boot the operating system...

How to install froxlor on ubuntu

In this Tutorial I'll show you how to install Froxlor on Ubuntu. I assume that your Server is freshly created and update your server with the following command: $sudo apt-get -y update...

Install microsoft sql server ubuntu

In this Tutorial I will focus on the Installation and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 and will introduce you to the most important commands you need...

how to install apache cassandra on ubuntu

Apache Cassandra is one of the best known column-oriented NoSQL databases. Cassandra was originally developed by Facebook, team also Twitter, have already used Cassandra productively. With Cassandra it is possible to...

Spoof mac address Windows 10

The Mac address makes it possible to recognize computers on a network. We'll show you how to, spoof mac address Windows 10.. The MAC address is a twelve-digit sequence of numbers and...

Install ubuntu on usb from windows 10

On this page you will find a quick guide on how to use the free tool called Rufus to Install ubuntu on usb from windows 10 1: Download "Rufus" and ISO image...

How to mount android phone on arch linux

If you want to connect an android phone to Arch Linux and transfer files, you need to read this article and follow the steps described. By default, ArchLinux does not support...

How to create a user arch linux

In ArchLinux, we need a normal user, except Root, because using the system with root privileges can be dangerous. this is why we need to create a normal user account. So...

Remove corrupted file linux

If you encounter a file or folder that cannot be deleted on the Linux operating system, or if you receive Permission Denied error when you try to delete the file, just...

What is AMD Infinity Cache Memory Technology?

AMD'S rDNA 2-based RX 6000 series graphics cards began to receive great attention as of their introduction, and the competition took on a new...

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