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How to check windows is genuine or cracked using cmd

If you are thinking that going to the properties of ‘This PC’ can help you then you are completely wrong. You cannot check whether your Windows is genuinely activated or by activation tools through the properties. Both of the scenarios the same message is displayed “Windows is activated”. It can’t show the real status of activation. But don’t worry. There is a way to check whether your Windows is original or try to make it original by using activation tools.


How to check the Windows is Genuine or Cracked?

To know how your Windows is activated, the process is pretty simple. Press Windows key + R key to open “Run”. In Run, type “CMD” and then click ok.


In command prompt window, type this command “slmgr.vbs /dli” and press enter.


If your windows are activated by the original licence, a pop-up message comes to the screen saying this. Although I am using the OEM channel of Windows 10 if you are using a retail version then this message could be different

This message for OEM windows

But if the Windows is activated by any activation software and duplicate product key, a pop up message comes to the screen saying this.

This Message for pirated windows

It is mentionable if the message shows any type of duration like I have shown you previously, it is guaranteed that the Windows is activated by some kind of activation software and duplicate licence


I dont recommend you to use the cracked version of Windows. It can be harmful to your data. Generally cracked versions create vulnerabilities for hackers. Remember nowadays, it is not important to activate windows. You can easily use non-activated windows without any problem besides some of the sacrifices. You can check this article to know what you have to consider in non-activated Windows

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