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SD card problem with HUAWEI P40

The SD card is the second storage for the HUAWEI P40. Thanks to the SD card, it is possible to increase the storage space of your phone. However, it sometimes happens that the HUAWEI P40 has problems with the SD card. And yes, sometimes the device has difficulty recognizing it. In this article, you will learn how to define the origin of this problem. We will then explain a method to fix the problem.

Where does the SD card problem of your HUAWEI P40 come from?

One of the first things to see is the origin of the problem. And yes, you first need to know if it is the SD card that has the Problem, or if it is your HUAWEI P40.

To ensure that the problem is not with the SD card, we recommend testing it on another phone or PC. If the SD card does not work on other devices this implies that the Problem is at SD card level . The latter can be damaged or dirty.

However, due to the disadvantages, in the event that it works on other devices this means that the Problem lies with the HUAWEI P40. We therefore recommend that you follow the repair process step by step in the next part.

How to fix your SD card problem on the HUAWEI P40

Here is the list of steps that need to be performed for your HUAWEI P40 to recognize the SD card. As long as the Problem is not fixed, you should continue with the next step.

Restart your HUAWEI P40

You may find this a bit silly, but the first thing you need to do in this case is restart your Huawei P1. And yes, sometimes a simple restart is enough to make everything work again.


To find out if the Problem is not with the SD card, we recommend you to do this check the status of the SD card . You need to do this visually by looking for scratches on the metal parts or if the card is not damaged.

Remove and replace the SD card in HUAWEI P40

The following technique is equivalent to disassembling and re-inserting the SD card into your HUAWEI P40. In fact, it can sometimes happen that the small metal plugs of the card do not come into good contact with those of the card reader of the phone. Remove the card and replace it this way you can check if the card is properly inserted into the HUAWEI P40



It also happens sometimes that the SD card on the HUAWEI P40 is not recognized because it is dirty. And yes, in the event that the metal plugs are dirty, it will be difficult for your phone to do this ability to read SD card . Take out the card and clean it before replacing it.


The next solution is to format the SD card. This Manipulation amounts to deleting all data contained in it and therefore resetting it to zero. For this you need a PC. You can connect the SD card to your PC then go to Computer . Then right-click on the SD card reader and select Format . Select the format FAT32 then validate.

Reset your HUAWEI P40 to factory settings

If none of the previous procedures work, you can try to reset your HUAWEI P40 to factory settings. This action Resets Your HUAWEI P40 to zero. Therefore, back up your data before you do so.

Repair your HUAWEI P40

If still nothing works, there is probably a hardware problem with the HUAWEI P40. This can be done at card reader level. We therefore recommend that you use the warranty of your HUAWEI P40 if you can. If you ever can’t, take our HUAWEI P40 to a mechanic.

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