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You must know the different types of email sequences you can set up for your business. Here are seven email sequences your business can use: Welcome email sequence Purpose: Introduce Australia Mobile Number Databaseprospects to your company Action type: Trigger-based One of the best email marketing sequences for engaging prospects is the welcome email sequence. This option is fundamental to your business because it sets the impression and tone for your business. The welcome email sequence enables you to say hello to new subscribers and Australia Mobile Number Databaseintroduce them to your company. Imagine if you walked into a restaurant, and the hostess didn’t greet or welcome you. The hostess takes you to a table and hands you a menu without saying a word.

For most patrons, this interaction would leave a negative Australia Mobile Number Database impression because they weren’t welcomed to the restaurant or acknowledged as customers. By greeting patrons and acknowledging their presence, the hostess can set a positive first impression of the restaurant. The same train of thought goes for your business — if you don’t greet subscribers Australia Mobile Number Database when they join your list, you risk setting a negative first impression with them. Setting up a welcome email sequence ensures that you greet every new subscriber on your list. It also provides you Australia Mobile Number Database with an opportunity to share subscriber expectations, including how often you’ll send messages and what your messages might say (promotional, informational).

If you have an opt-in bonus, like a coupon code, you’ll want to Australia Mobile Number Database nclude that as part of your welcome sequence too. Here’s a great example of a welcome email from the Golden State Warriors. As soon as the subscriber opens the email, they’re greeted by the company. The next part of the email describes what the subscriber can expect by being on the email list. Lastly, the email includes the exclusive offer for joining the Golder State Warrior’s email list. Engagement email sequence Purpose: Build deeper relationships Action type: Trigger-based or Australia Mobile Number Database time delay Next on our list of types of email marketing sequences is the engagement sequence. Your business will want to use this option if you’re looking to build stronger relationships with your prospects. When you use engagement email sequences, you aim to get your subscribers to take smaller actions that lead to more significant conversions. This stage often involves using personalized email content to get prospects to continue engaging with your Australia Mobile Number Database business. You can use this type of email sequence in two scenarios: You want to guide users towards taking a more significant conversion-focused action: With this scenario, you focus on getting prospects to take steps towards your ultimate goal.